The template chooser is open and shows a range of sample documents to choose from.

Get started with a template

All documents begin with a template—a model you can use as a starting point. You can create word-processing documents, like reports and letters, and page layout documents, like posters and newsletters. Simply replace the template text and images with your own content.

Create your first document

The Shapes library is open, with a list of shape categories to choose from. The Food category is selected and images of food shapes to choose from appear to the right of the category.

Add photos, shapes, tables, and more

Add objects like images, charts, shapes, or tables to your document. You can layer objects, resize them, and place them anywhere on the page.

Intro to images, text boxes, and other objects

A document with some text selected. Options to change the selected text’s font, color, size and more appear in the Format sidebar on the right.

Customize every detail

Change the look of your text, add a drop shadow to an image, fill shapes with color, and more—you can modify everything in your document.

Change the look of objects

An image of a desert dish in a document, with text flowing around the curve of the image.

Let your text flow

Get creative with the way text flows through your document. Have an image? Wrap your text around it. Want to work in columns? Link text boxes so the text flows from one column to the next.

Place objects with text

The Collaboration menu showing the names of people collaborating on the document. Share options are below the names.

Collaborate in real time

Invite others to work with you on your document. Everyone you invite can see changes as they’re made, but you control who can edit or only view the document.

Intro to collaboration

To browse this user guide, click Table of Contents at the top of the page.

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