About subscriptions in Apple News

Learn how to purchase a new subscription or access an existing subscription in Apple News.

News collects all the stories you want to read, from top news sources, based on topics you’re most interested in — so you no longer need to move from app to app to stay informed. 

Purchase a subscription

With the latest version of iOS, you can get full access to premium stories from select publications you subscribe to in Apple News.

News checks your iTunes Store account for subscriptions you bought as in-app purchases in publishers’ apps. 


If any of your purchased subscriptions are also available in News, you automatically get access to that channel in News. If you see a red badge on Favorites, a subscription has been found. 

Subscriptions are only available in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.


Subscribe to a channel

  1. While viewing a channel, tap a premium story. These stories are indicated with the word Subscription.
  2. Tap Subscribe Now.
  3. On the Subscribe Now screen, tap your preferred subscription period. 
  4. If prompted, type your Apple ID and password you use for the iTunes Store. If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch has Touch ID turned on, you can use it to sign in.
  5. When asked, confirm your subscription.
  6. The publisher might request your personal information. This is an optional step.
  7. You're now subscribed to the channel. You can read the premium story you tapped. Any premium stories available from this channel are now available for you to read in News.

All subscriptions are auto-renewing.

Learn how to view, change or cancel your subscriptions.


Access your premium stories

After you subscribe to a channel, its premium stories appear in For You and throughout News. If you want to see all of the premium stories available for that channel in News, tap Favorites, then tap the icon for that channel.

Subscriptions that you purchase in News might also give you access to premium stories in the publisher’s iOS app or on the publisher’s website.

If a publisher offers access to premium stories in their iPhone or iPad app, you can get full access by downloading the app and then restoring purchases.

If a publisher offers access to premium stories on their website, Apple News indicates that on the Subscribe Now screen, or the publisher might ask for your email address so they can give you web access. If you choose to share your email address, the publisher should follow up and tell you how to register for web access. If you have any problems setting up web access, contact the publisher. 

To access your subscriptions on all of your devices, make sure you’re logged into both your iCloud and iTunes Store account.


Access an existing outside subscription in News

If you purchase a subscription directly from a publisher’s website, the publisher might allow you to sign in to your account in News, and access your subscription in News. While viewing a channel, tap a premium story. These stories are marked with the word Subscription. Tap Already a Subscriber, then sign in with your username and password for the publisher's website.

If you have issues signing in, contact the publisher.

To access your subscriptions on all of your devices, make sure that you’re signed in to both your iCloud and iTunes Store account.  

Report a problem

Any subscriptions that you purchase through Apple News are considered “in app.” These purchases should also appear in Report a Problem under “Apps”.

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