OS X El Capitan: Language & Region preferences

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Language & Region preferences

Add and select the languages shown in OS X and in apps, and choose and customize the formats used to show dates, times, numbers, and currency.

To open this pane, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Language & Region.

Preferred languages

The languages you want shown in OS X and in apps (for example, in menus and messages), and on websites (if available in a preferred language).

If OS X or an app supports the primary language, that language is used. If not, the other languages are used, in the order listed. You can drag languages in the list to reorder them.

If you add input sources, those languages are automatically added to the list.

Add , Remove

Add and remove languages from the list.


The geographic region whose formats are used for dates, times, numbers, and currencies.

When you choose a different region, the options and the preview shown change.

There are two options for the region United States. The default option is sufficient in most cases. The other option, United States (Computer), uses specialized formats that support common Internet protocols.

First day of week

The day on which a calendar week starts. This value is used in apps such as Calendar.


The type of calendar used to display dates and times.

Time format

Use a 24-hour format for the time shown in the menu bar. For example, instead of 3:00 PM, show 15:00.

This option overrides the clock setting in Date & Time preferences.


The characters used to display numbers.

This option is available only for some primary languages, such as some Arabic or Indian languages.

List sort order

The order used to sort items by name in the Finder.

This option appears only if you add a language or input source that offers a sort order other than Universal.

Keyboard Preferences

Open the Input Sources pane of Keyboard preferences, where you can add and remove input sources, and set options for input sources.


Customize formats (for dates, times, and more), and change the language used for the formats.

Published Date: Sep 15, 2017
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