iMovie (2013): Create a new movie

Create a new movie

To create a movie in iMovie, you first create a movie project, and then you add clips to the timeline. After that, you can rearrange, shorten, and lengthen your clips, then add titles, transitions, and effects. iMovie automatically keeps track of your creative decisions as you go. Finally, you can send your movie to iMovie Theater to view it, and share it.

When you create a new iMovie project, you do the following:

  • Select a theme for the project (or select No Theme).

    A theme is a group of related transitions and titles that have a unique visual style. Theme names—such as Comic Book, Neon, or Scrapbook—suggest elements used by the theme, or the type of movie in which the theme might be used. iMovie can automatically add these titles and transitions as you build your movie. If you select No Theme, no titles or transitions are added automatically, but you can add available titles and transitions that you like. For more information, see Add titles and Transitions overview.

    Figure. Create window showing movie themes.
  • Name the project.

  • Choose the event where the project will reside.

    Media that’s dragged to the project from the Finder to the iMovie browser is stored in the event you choose.

After creating your project, you add clips to it from events in the Libraries list. For more information, see Add clips.

Create a movie project

  1. Click the Create button in the toolbar, and then click Movie.

    Figure. Create button in the toolbar.
  2. In the Create window, select a theme for your movie, or select No Theme.

    To preview a theme, click the play button Figure. Play button. in a theme’s thumbnail. For more information, see iMovie themes overview.

  3. At the bottom of the Create window, click the Create button.

  4. In the window that appears, type a name for the movie in the Name field.

  5. In the Event pop-up menu, choose the event where you want the movie to reside.

  6. Click OK.

    A new movie project is created with an empty timeline.

You can now add clips from the browser and begin to edit your movie in other ways, adding titles, transitions, special effects, background music, sound effects, and more.

Published Date: Nov 3, 2013
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