Use a Humanware Brailliant display with VoiceOver

When using your Humanware Brailliant braille display with VoiceOver on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can use the following device-specific key commands to navigate.

The following commands work on these Humanware Brailliant display models:

  • Brailliant 24
  • Brailliant 32
  • Brailliant 40
  • Brailliant 64
  • Brailliant 80

To ensure that your display uses the correct table, make sure that you have the latest version of iOS.


VoiceOver action Display key
Move to previous item Joystick Left or D1
Move to next item Joystick Right or D4
Scroll left one page D2 + D4 + D6
Scroll right one page D1 + D3 + D5
Scroll up one page D3 + D4 + D5 + D6
Scroll down one page D1 + D4 + D5 + D6
Activates the Home button D1 + D2 + D5
Go to the Status bar D2 + D3 + D4
Go to Notification Center D4 + D6
Go to Control Center D2 + D5
Activates the Back button if present D1 + D2
Move to the first item D1 + D2 + D3
Move to the last item D4 + D5 + D6
Speak page number or rows being displayed D3 + D4


VoiceOver action Display key
Move to previous item using rotor setting Joystick Up or D3
Move to next item using rotor setting Joystick Down or D6
Select previous rotor setting D2 + D3
Select next rotor setting D5 + D6


VoiceOver action Display key
Double-tap selected item Router
Select item under your finger Joystick Press or D3 + D6
Activates the Volume Up button D3 + D4 + D5
Activates the Volume Down button D1 + D2 + D6
Activates the Eject key D1 + D4 + D6
Activates the Delete key D1 + D4 + D5
Activates the Return key D1 + D5
Activates the Tab key D2 + D3 + D4 + D5
Activates the Shift and Tab keys D1 + D2 + D5 + D6
Cut D1 + D3 + D4 + D6
Copy D1 + D4
Paste D1 + D2 + D3 + D6
Undo D1 + D3 + D5 + D6
Redo D2 + D3 + D4 + D6
Select Text D2 + D5 + D6
Select All D2 + D3 + D5 + D6
Unselect Text D2 + D3 + D5
Toggle Screen Curtain on and off D1 + D2 + D3 + D4 + D5 + D6
Change an item's label D1 + D2 + D3 + D4 + D6
Start VoiceOver help D1 + D3


VoiceOver action Display key
Pause or continue speech D1 + D2 + D3 + D4
Read page starting at selected item D1 + D2 + D3 + D5
Read page starting at the top D2 + D4 + D5 + D6
Toggle speech on and off D1 + D3 + D4


VoiceOver action Display key
Toggle expanded status description Status Router
Pan braille to the left D2
Pan braille to the right D5
Toggle announcement history D1 + D3 + D4 + D5
Cycle through the available braille output modes D1 + D2 + D4 + D5
Cycle through the available braille input modes D2 + D3 + D6

Learn more

Refer to Common Braille commands for VoiceOver for a universal list of commands.


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