Script Editor Help

Welcome to Script Editor

Create powerful scripts, tools, and even apps to perform repetitive tasks, automate complex workflows, and more.

The Script Editor window showing an AppleScript that creates a new TextEdit document and inserts the text “Hello from Script Editor!”.
The Finder app AppleScript dictionary.

View an app’s scripting commands and objects

Find out what commands and objects are available for an app as you are creating your script. Just browse the app's scripting dictionary by choosing File > Open Dictionary in Script Editor, then choose a scripting dictionary.

The Export dialog showing the File Format pop-up menu with Application selected and the options you can set when saving your script.

Save a script as an app

After you create and test a script, save it as an app that you can run just like any other app. Choose File > Export, click the File Format pop-up menu, then choose Application.