MacBook Air side view with accompanying accessories.

Look around your new Mac

Get a quick intro to MacBook Air ports, connectors, accessories, and other features.

Take a tour: MacBook Air

An open MacBook Air with the word “hello” and a button that reads “Get Started” on the screen.

Want to get started?

Start your MacBook Air by lifting the lid and pressing any key. Follow the Setup Assistant prompts, and you’re up and running.

Set up your MacBook Air

Overlapping screens of the FaceTime, Shortcuts, and Messages apps.

Discover new features

Find out what's new in macOS Sonoma and your included apps.

New features for macOS Sonoma

Top view of MacBook Air.

If you’re new to Mac

Discover what your new MacBook Air with macOS Sonoma can do. Especially if you’re switching from a Windows PC, these tips and tricks can get you up and running.

Are you new to Mac?

Icons of apps included with your MacBook Air.

Do more

Your MacBook Air comes with apps for just about everything you want to do. Edit and share your photos and videos; create presentations; and enjoy music, books, movies, and more. Discover new apps in the App Store, including iPhone and iPad apps that now run on your Mac with Apple silicon.

Learn more about apps included with your MacBook Air

This MacBook Air Essentials guide is for the current MacBook Air. To explore the guide, click Table of Contents at the top of the page, or enter a word or phrase in the search field.

If you need more help, visit the MacBook Air Support website.

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