macOS High Sierra

Zoom in on the Touch Bar

If you have difficulty seeing items in the Touch Bar, you can turn on Touch Bar zoom, which displays a larger version of the Touch Bar on the screen.

The zoomed-in Touch Bar along the bottom of the screen; the circle over a button changes when the button is selected.
  • Turn Touch Bar zoom on or off: Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Accessibility, click Zoom, then select Enable Touch Bar zoom. To turn it off, deselect the checkbox.

    Open the Zoom pane for me

  • Show the zoomed Touch Bar on the screen: Hold a finger on the Touch Bar. If you just tap the Touch Bar, the zoomed-in version isn’t shown on the screen; you must keep a finger on the Touch Bar.

  • Increase or decrease the zoom: Press and hold the Command key on the keyboard while you pinch two fingers open or closed on the Touch Bar.

  • Select and activate an item: Slide your finger on the Touch Bar until the circle on the screen is on the item you want to select, hold your finger there until the circle changes color (when the item is selected), then lift your finger to activate the item.

    You can also split-tap an item. Touch and hold the item you want to select with one finger, then tap anywhere on the Touch Bar with another finger to activate the item. You don’t need to wait until the circle changes color.

Touch Bar zoom isn’t available when you use VoiceOver.