MacBook Pro with the Keynote theme chooser open on the screen. The first Basic theme is selected, and other basic themes appear to its right, and predesigned themes appear below in rows by category.

Get started with a theme

All presentations begin with a theme—a set of predesigned slide layouts you can use as a starting point. Replace the theme’s images and text with your own, then add more slides as needed.

Create a presentation

The Tables, Charts, Text, Shapes and Image object buttons appear in the toolbar. The Charts pop-up menu is open, with 2D and Interactive buttons at the top. The 2D button is selected, and a variety of 2D charts thumbnails are shown to choose from.

Add photos, shapes, charts, and more

Add objects like images, video, audio, charts, shapes, or tables to any slide. You can layer objects, resize them, and link them to webpages or other slides in your presentation.

Intro to text boxes, images, and other objects

The selected image on the slide has a picture frame border, and the Style tab of the Format sidebar is open with Picture Frame selected from the border menu.

Customize every detail

Customize the appearance of anything you add to a slide. Choose a new color, add a drop shadow, change the transparency, and more.

Change the look of objects

A text box is selected on a slide, and the Build In tab is selected at the top of the Animate sidebar on the right. The Drift animation is selected from a pop-up menu, and options for customizing the animation appear below it in the sidebar.

Wow them with animation

Add visual effects or animations to captivate your audience. For example, add a transition so each slide dissolves into the next, or make each letter in a word float onto the slide.

Add a slide transition

The presentation slideshow window is open to the first slide titled Sea Turtles. The presenter display is open in a separate window, with the slide navigator, current and next slides, and presenter notes.

Play your presentation anywhere anytime

Play your presentation on your computer, on a separate display, or over the internet. While the presentation plays, you can open the presenter display in a separate window to view and edit your presenter notes, time your presentation, and more.

Play a presentation on your computer

The Collaboration menu showing the names of people collaborating on the presentation. Share options are below the names.

Collaborate in real time

Invite others to work with you on your presentation. Everyone you invite can see changes as they’re made, but you control who can edit or only view the presentation.

Intro to collaboration

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