Welcome to Keychain Access

Safely store your passwords and account information in a keychain, where they’re secure and easy to access.

Keychain Access window showing a list of accounts with passwords recorded in a keychain.
Dialog window asking for confirmation to save a password.

Total recall of all your passwords

You don’t have to remember all your passwords; let Keychain Access securely store and enter them for you. When you enter a password for the first time, click Save Password in the dialog that appears and save it in your keychain—or add it yourself by choosing File > New Password Item in Keychain Access.

Keychain Access window showing certificates.

Keep your computer secure

To protect your computer, macOS uses digital certificates to verify the identity of the websites, servers, and other entities you communicate with. You can use Keychain Access to manage these certificates. To view certificates that you’ve received, even those that are invalid or expired, click Certificates in the Category pane.

Find out more about adding a password to a keychain and working with certificates.