iPad Pro (10.5-inch), iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation), iPad Air (3rd generation), and iPad mini (5th generation)

iPad User Guide

Everything you need to know about iPad

The Lock screen with a bar at the bottom to indicate that you can swipe up from the bottom edge.

Say hello to the future

The new iPad Pro is all display—with an edge-to-edge screen you unlock with a glance and navigate with familiar gestures.

Get to know the new iPad Pro

A note is open in the Notes app. The title “Parts of a cell” is typed at the top of the note. Below the title is a numbered list of cell parts such as, “plasma membrane,” “cytoplasm,” “mitochondria,” and “ribosomes.” Below the numbered list is a sketch of a plant cell, followed by typed notes. At the bottom of the screen the keyboard is displayed.

Work smart at school

Use iPad at school to collaborate with your classmates, add drawings and sketches to your notes, and multitask in all your favorite apps.

Stay ahead of the curve

Screen Time is selected in Settings. On the right side of the screen is a Screen Time activity report. The top of the report shows the option to select Today and Last 7 Days. Last 7 Days is selected. At the top of the report is a chart that shows how much time was spent using games, entertainment, and social networking for each day of the week. Below the chart is the Limits section, where you can set time limits for games, apps, and social networking. Below that, the most-used apps are listed. At the bottom of the report, the total number of times the device was picked up is shown.

Set up Screen Time for your child

Use Screen Time to gain insight into the time your kids spend on their devices, view activity reports, and set limits.

See how your child spends time on iPad

The FaceTime app showing a call in progress.

Relax after a busy day

Use iPad to connect with a friend, get lost in a good book, start a sketchbook, and more.

Unwind with iPad

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