Verify your age when you download or listen to mature content in South Korea

Before you listen to explicit songs in South Korea, you must verify your age.

This article applies only to South Korea.

To download or listen to explicit songs through Apple Music in South Korea, you must verify that you’re at least legally 19 years old. Once a year, you'll be asked to verify your age again.

The age icon  appears next to songs and albums that require you to verify your legal age before you listen to them. But you might also find non-explicit versions of some songs in Apple Music. You don't need to verify your age to listen to the non-explicit versions.

You can verify your age on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android device, or in iTunes on a Mac or PC. You'll need a valid Korean mobile phone number to receive the verification code.


Verify your age

  1. Make sure that your software is up to date. Learn how to update your iOS device and Mac, or get the latest version of iTunes.
  2. When you find a song or album that you want to listen to, tap or click it. You'll be asked to verify your age.
  3. Tap or click Verify Age.
  4. Enter your name exactly as it appears on your mobile carrier account.* The capitalization and spelling must match what's on file with your mobile carrier. Then enter your birthday, mobile carrier information, mobile phone number, your gender, and your nationality. 
  5. Tap or click Next.
  6. An SMS message with a six-digit verification code will be sent to the mobile number that you provided. Check your mobile phone for the message, then enter that six-digit verification code to play the song or album that you want.

*If you're a foreign national living in South Korea, your first name and last name might be on file in a different order. For example, Jane Smith might be on file as Smith Jane.


After you verify your age on one device, you can listen to explicit songs on other devices that you use with the same Apple ID.

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