Back up Logic Pro for Mac

Find out more about backing up your version of the Logic Pro application and your projects.

Before you update Logic Pro, you should back up your current copy of the Logic Pro application and your existing projects. This allows you to move your files to another Mac and to continue working on these projects in the earlier version of Logic Pro, if necessary. You should also periodically back up Logic Pro files as a safety measure.

Back up the Logic Pro application

To back up your current copy of the Logic Pro application:

  1. Create a new folder in the Applications folder. Name the folder with the name and version of the application (for example, "Logic Pro 0.2.4"). To check which version of Logic Pro you have, open the application and choose About Logic Pro from the Logic Pro menu.

  2. Select the Logic Pro application in the Applications folder. Choose File > Compress "Logic Pro". It will take a few minutes to compress.

  3. Move the resulting "Logic" file into the folder you created in step 1.

  4. Move the folder containing the .zip file to a backup drive.

Back up Logic Pro Projects

To back up your Logic Pro projects, you can use a system-wide backup solution like Time Machine or you can simply copy your projects to a dedicated backup drive.

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