How to write User Tips

Share your valuable knowledge about Apple products with the community by creating User Tips.

User Tips are informative tips and tricks created and maintained by community members to help others with their Apple products. When you get to Level 5 in the community, you can write new User Tips. If you’ve repeated the same bit of information in various replies to other members’ questions, it might be good content for a User Tip.

Community members can comment on the User Tips that you write. And you’ll receive 10 points the first time someone likes your User Tip.

Create a User Tip

To create a User Tip, click Post, click User Tip, and select the community you want to create the new User Tip in.

User Tip features

  • The user information of the creator appear at the top of each User Tip.
  • Comments at the bottom of each User Tip let the community give feedback to the creator.


  • Be considerate. User Tips are maintained for the benefit of the community.
  • Be helpful. Use comments to provide feedback to the tip creator.
  • Be thoughtful. User Tips follow the same Apple Support Communities Terms of Use and are moderated accordingly.
  • Be cool. Anyone who abuses this privilege will lose their access to create and edit User Tips.

Create great User Tips

  • Limit the title to 45 characters or less so that it’s easy to read in search results.
  • Put important words at the beginning of the title.
  • Use headings and ordered lists to organize information.


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