Use Workflow on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

You can use the Workflow app to automate actions on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Workflow is an automation tool that lets you drag and drop any combination of actions to create powerful workflows. Workflow provides hundreds of actions that interact with the apps and content on your device. The app opens up new possibilities for what you can do with your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

What's a workflow?

A workflow is a series of actions that accomplish a particular task. Workflows can simplify everyday tasks by combining several steps—even across apps—into a single tap.

Workflows can automate a variety of actions. For example, you can get directions to the next event on your calendar, move text from one app to another, or even generate expense reports.

What's an action?

An action is the building block of a workflow. Each workflow is made up of a series of actions, and each action is a single step that performs a particular function. For example, Get Latest Photos lets you view the latest photos that you took on your device, Make GIF makes an animated GIF out of a series of photos, and Post on Facebook automatically posts the content that you select to Facebook.

Where can I find my workflows?

You can find the workflows that you've created or downloaded in the My Workflows section of the app. Each workflow is represented by a rounded rectangle that has a title, an icon, and a color. Tap a workflow once to open it and see the actions that it contains.

How do I run a workflow?

To run a workflow within the Workflow app:

  1. Go to My Workflows.
  2. Open the workflow that you want to run, and tap Run .

To run a workflow outside the app, you can add a workflow to the Home Screen, or you can use the Today Widget, the Action Extension, or your Apple Watch.

Discover new workflows

Want to find new workflows to add to your collection? Tap the Gallery button to check out the Gallery, which features creative and useful workflows curated by our team.

You can also create your own new workflow.

Published Date: Mon Dec 11 19:24:33 GMT 2017