OS X Server: Content types supported by the Caching service

OS X Server's Caching service speeds up the download of software distributed by Apple through the Internet.

Content types supported by the Caching service


iTunes and iBooks

  • iTunes 11.0.4 and later (both OS X and Windows versions)
  • iOS app purchases and updates
  • iBooks Store content (both iOS and OS X Mavericks apps)


  • Mac App Store (OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.4 or later is recommended)
  • OS X software updates
  • Other software updates (such as updates to iTunes for OS X)
  • GarageBand downloadable content
  • Third-party applications and updates via the Mac App Store
  • Java, print drivers, and other system downloads obtained via Software Update
  • Internet Recovery OS image download (Mavericks and later)

iOS 7 and later and Apple TV

  • iOS and Apple TV updates
  • iOS apps and updates
  • iTunes U course materials from the iOS App Store and iBooks Store, as well as uploaded instructor materials such as audio, video, iWork, and iBooks Author files
  • Certain mobile assets, such as Siri high quality voices, language dictionaries, and more

Country Restrictions

  • Due to distribution licensing and tax laws, certain content may not be cache-able in certain countries. As of December, 2013, iTunes downloads are not cached in Brazil, Mexico, China, and Portugal, and iBooks downloads are not cached in Canada.
  • If the country a client is in, based on its IP address, is different from the country of the iTunes Store being used, iTunes downloads will not be cached. For example, an iPad user in San Francisco can download an app from the German iTunes Store, but will not be able to utilize the caching service.

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