Podcasts app for iOS: Organizing your podcasts with stations

Learn how to organize and group your podcasts in the Podcasts app for iOS by using stations.

With the Podcasts app for iOS, you can organize your podcast episodes in three different ways in the My Stations portion of the app:


  • Stations are like smart playlists. You can set up rules, and the station will automatically update with podcast episodes of your subscriptions that match.
  • On-The-Go allows you to manually create a list of podcast episodes from any of your subscriptions.
  • iTunes Playlists are playlists of your podcasts you can make on a Mac or PC with iTunes. You can then access these playlists on your iOS device.

Create a station

  1. Tap My Stations. 
  2. Tap New Station.
  3. Give your new station a name and tap Save.
  4. Choose which subscriptions you want to be a part of the station. 
  5. Tap Done.

After you set up a station, you can change its settings so that the station includes only a certain number of episodes, audio or video podcasts, or unplayed episodes. You can also set the playback order for a station and group them so that all episodes of one podcast play together.
Stations settings image

Use On-The-Go

  1. Tap My Stations.
  2. Tap On-The-Go.
  3. Tap Add.
  4. Browse your subscriptions and add any episodes you like.

On-The-Go will play in the order the episodes appear in the list. You can always tap Edit and drag to change order of the list.

You can also add episodes from My Podcasts. Just tap the information button next to an episode, then tap Add to On-The-Go.

Play iTunes Playlists

If you sync your iTunes Playlists from iTunes on your Mac or PC, any playlist containing podcasts will appear in My Stations in the Podcasts app for iOS. If you have a playlist that is a mix of music and podcasts, only the podcasts will show in that playlist in the Podcasts app for iOS.

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