TV show purchase options in the iTunes Store

In the iTunes Store, you can purchase individual TV episodes or entire seasons of a show.

Buy an episode

You can buy a specific previously aired episode of a TV show. After you do, the episode downloads to your iTunes library.

If you purchase an entire season, it might cost less than if you purchase each episode individually. If you want to purchase an entire season, you have a few different options, but not all are available for all shows or in all countries or regions.

Buy all available episodes

You can buy all available (aired) episodes for a season in progress individually. After you do, each episode downloads to your library. No new episodes will download unless you purchase them when they become available.

After the season ends, you can complete your season.

Buy a Season Pass

If the season you want to buy is currently airing, buy a Season Pass. All available (aired) episodes download to your iTunes library. New episodes will download when they become available.

When new episodes become available, you'll receive an email. To download a new episode, click the link in the email, don't purchase the episode from the iTunes Store. If you buy a Season Pass and then buy an individual episode from the season, you'll be charged again for that episode.

Season Pass might not be available for all shows. You might see the option to Buy Season instead of Buy Season Pass. If you click Buy Season, all available episodes download, but no future episodes will download. To get the rest of the season, you have to buy each additional episode individually.


Buy a complete season

After a season is completely aired, you can buy all of the episodes at one time. All episodes will download.


Buy a Multi-Pass

If you want to buy episodes of shows that don’t have traditional seasons (for example, news programs), purchase a Multi-Pass. The latest episode downloads immediately, and other episodes download when they become available.

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Many shows are available for purchase and download the day after they air. Some shows might not be available until a few days later.

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