iBooks and iBooks Store: Parental Controls in iOS 6

Learn more about Parental Controls for books in iOS 6.

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In iOS 6, Parental Controls are now available for books. With iBooks 2.2 and higher, if you turn on Parental Controls, books in your library marked as containing sexually explicit content will be hidden. You cannot open, read, or download these books again with Parental Controls active.

Note: In iBooks 2.1 and lower, Parental Controls will not hide explicit books that are already in your library.

In iOS 6, if you turn on Parental Controls, books marked as containing sexually explicit content in the iBooks Store will be disabled from purchase, preview, and sharing. When you turn on Parental Controls, if you try to view books marked as containing explicit sexual content in the iBooks Store:

  • This message will appear: "This book contains explicit sexual content. To download it, you must first go to Settings and edit your restrictions."
  • The Buy and sample buttons will be disabled.
  • No sharing link will appear.
  • A generic book's image will appear on the product page and in search results, rather than the original book's image.

Changing your Parental Controls

  1. Tap Settings > General > Restrictions > Books.

    set restrictions

  2. Set Explicit Sexual Content to ON or OFF.

    allow books rated screen

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