About News and Newsstand

In iOS 9, the News app collects the stories that you want to read from sources that you’re interested in.


Use News

With News, you can read articles that include rich multimedia, such as galleries, videos, and animations. You can explore topics from a variety of sources and add favorites to get the news that you want. You can also save articles to read later—online or offline.

News is available in the United States with iOS 9 or later, and in the United Kingdom and Australia with iOS 9.1 or later.

Learn about the five main sections in your News app: For You, Favorites, Explore, Search, and Saved.

For You

This section shows you stories from the channels and topics that you follow. The more you read, the more personalized For You becomes.


In Favorites, you can see a list of all of the channels and topics that you follow. There are a few ways to add a favorite:

  • Go to Explore and tap   .
  • Tap   while viewing a channel or topic. 
  • Tap   to add a favorite from Search.

To remove a favorite, go to Favorites and tap Edit in the upper-right corner. Then tap   in the upper-right corner of the channel or topic you’d like to remove.


With Explore, you can discover suggested channels or topics, or browse categories like Arts or Technology. When you find something you like, tap  to add it to Favorites.


To find something specific, tap Search and type in the search bar. You can also tap on a search result to jump into a topic or channel.


News lets you save articles that you’d like to read later. To save an article, tap   within the article. 

Swipe left on a saved item to delete it, then tap Delete. To clear your history, tap the History tab, then tap Clear History.

Report an issue

If an article is in the wrong section, doesn't display correctly, or contains offensive language or content, you can report it. In the article, tap the Share icon and tap Report a Concern.

What happened to Newsstand?

If you used Newsstand with iOS 8, the app will become the Newsstand folder when you update to iOS 9. The folder will keep your existing magazine and newspaper apps, and you’ll be able to move and organize it like any other folder. 

When you download a new newspaper or magazine app from the App Store, it will appear alongside your other apps on the Home screen. 

What about my existing content and subscriptions?

You’ll still have your Newsstand magazines and newspapers, and your subscriptions will continue. Learn how to manage or cancel a subscription.

Learn more

Sign up for News Publisher to distribute content on News. Whether you’re a blogger or part of a news organization, you can publish your content on News.


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