Restore your Apple TV to its factory settings

Use these steps to erase your Apple TV, restoring it to the factory settings and removing all information. 

Restore your Apple TV

If your Apple TV won't turn on or respond, restore through iTunes instead of using the steps in this article.

Open Settings on your Apple TV

On Apple TV (4th generation), select Settings > System > Reset.

On Apple TV (2nd and 3rd Generation), select Settings > General > Reset.


Choose an option

You can choose either of these options: 

Select Reset All Settings to erase all your settings, including your accounts, apps, and configuration. This is the fastest way to reset your Apple TV, and you don't need an Internet connection.

Select Restore to return your Apple TV to its factory settings. Your Apple TV will also download and install any software updates. You need an Internet connection.



The reset or restore process might take some time. Keep your Apple TV plugged into power until it's complete.

After you set up your Apple TV (4th generation), you can download your previously purchased apps again from the App Store. Open the App Store, then select Purchased. 


Get help

If you can’t restore your Apple TV with the steps above, you can use iTunes instead. You need a USB-C cable for Apple TV (4th generation) or a Micro-USB cable for Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation).


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