Using iPad Camera Connector with unsupported USB devices

Learn about using the iPad Camera Connection kit or Lightning to USB Camera Adapter with unsupported USB devices.

Apple supports using the iPad Camera Connection kit or Lightning to USB Camera Adapter with cameras. You may also be able to use some USB audio/MIDI devices with the iPad Camera Connector or Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. To find out if a USB audio/MIDI device is compatible, contact the device manufacturer. Using the iPad Camera Connector Kit or Lightning to USB Camera Adapter with other USB devices is not supported.

If you use this accessory with other USB devices, you may see the following symptoms/alerts:

  • Applications unexpectedly close or behave in an unexpected manner
  • "The attached volume appears to be invalid"
  • "Accessory Unavailable: The attached accessory uses too much power"
  • "The attached USB device is not supported"

You should use only digital cameras that support the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) or USB Mass Storage Device protocol.

If you encounter an issue trying to connect a digital camera through an unsupported USB device, try the following steps:

  1. Disconnect the iPad Camera Connector from iPad.
  2. Disconnect any USB device connected to the iPad Camera Connector.
  3. Restart iPad.
  4. Reconnect the iPad Camera Connector and then connect your digital camera directly to the iPad Camera Connector.

You may need to connect certain cameras, USB Audio, or MIDI devices to a powered USB hub for the iPad Camera Connector to detect them. Find more information on using the iPad Camera Connection Kit.

If you encounter an issue using a USB audio or MIDI device, contact the manufacturer to confirm that the device is compatible with the iPad Camera Connector.

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