Mac OS X: How to add a URL (@) icon to the Dock

When Mac OS X is installed, the Dock contains a URL (Web address) for the Mac OS X Web page that is represented by the at symbol ("@") on a spring. This article explains how you can add a URL to the Dock with the same icon.


When you click a URL icon in the Dock, it opens your Web browser and takes you to the associated Web page. When you move the pointer over the icon in the Dock, it tells you the name of the Web page for the stored URL:

You can add your own URLs to the Dock with the "@-on-a-spring" icon by following these steps:

  1. Open your Web browser.
  2. Go to the Web page that you want to add to the Dock.
  3. Click the small icon on the left side of the URL and drag it from your browser's address field to the Dock (near the Trash--see note 1 below).


  1. The Dock Separator is the line that appears near the Trash icon. The side of the Dock above or to the left of the separator is for applications. The side below or to the right is for URLs, files, and folders.
  2. This feature may not work with all Web browsers. Alternatively, you can open a browser's list of bookmarked URLs and drag the icon from the list to the Dock.
  3. You may gain the equivalent function by dragging the URL text to the desktop. This creates an Internet Location file which you may place in the Dock.
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