iTunes: Changing the display language

Learn how to change the language that you use in iTunes and the iTunes Store.

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Follow the steps below to change the language displayed in iTunes and also the language displayed in the iTunes store.

Note: No matter what you set your language to, some content on the iTunes Store (such as album names and movie names) will still display in their original language; it is mostly the navigation buttons, tabs, and so on which will be affected by changing the language.

Changing your language setting in iTunes

Mac OS X

  1. From the Apple () menu, choose System Preferences.
  2. Choose View > Language & Text (Mac OS X v10.5 or later) or View > International (Mac OS X v10.4.9 or earlier).
  3. Drag your language of choice to the top of the list.
  4. Quit System Preferences.
  5. Quit and reopen iTunes.


  1. Open iTunes.
  2. From the Edit menu, choose Preferences.
  3. Select the General tab.
  4. From the Language pop-up menu (in the lower section of the window), choose your desired language.

  5. Click OK.
  6. Quit and reopen iTunes; you must do this for your new language setting to take effect.

After following these steps, iTunes will display in the language that you chose, but the iTunes Store will still use whatever language it is set on. If you'd like to change that as well, continue with the steps below.

Changing your language setting in the iTunes Store


  • Content on the iTunes Store (such as album names and movie names) will still display in its original language; it is mostly the navigation tabs within the iTunes Store window which will be affected by changing the language.
  • Your country's iTunes Store may not have the language available that you just enabled in iTunes (in the first section of this article). See the table below to determine which languages are available for your country.
    • If the table does have the language, you can apply that language to the iTunes Store by following the steps below.
    • If the table doesn't have the language, you cannot have the iTunes Store displayed in that language.
  • Which country's store you use is determined by the billing address of your payment method. For example, if you open an iTunes Store account using a credit card from the United States, you need to use the U.S. store. See How to set up an iTunes Store account for more details.

iTunes Store available languages table

Country Language(s)
Australia British English
Belgique (Belgium) British English and French
Canada Canadian English and Canadian French
China Simplified Chinese
Deutschland (Germany) German
Denmark British English
Espana (Spain) Spanish
Finland British English
France French
Greece British English
Ireland British English
Italia (Italy) Italian
Luxembourg British English
Mexico Spanish
Nederland (Netherlands) Dutch
Norway British English
Osterreich (Austria) German
Portugal British English
Republic of Korea Korean
Schweiz (Switzerland) British English, German, and French
Sweden British English
United Kingdom British English
United States US English and Spanish

US English and Japanese

 Note: App Store-only countries are displayed in British English.

Steps to change the language setting in the iTunes Store

To change the language back to what it was, repeat these steps.

  1. Click the iTunes Store icon on the left side of iTunes.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the main iTunes Store window. Then, In the bottom-right corner, click on the country flag (shown below). 

  3. On the next screen, select any different country's store—it doesn't matter which country you select, you'll change it in a moment to complete the process.
  4. You will now be taken to the main iTunes Store window for the country you selected. Scroll back down to the bottom of the window, and in the bottom-right corner, click on the country flag.
  5. On the next screen, switch back to your country's iTunes Store by reselecting your country.
  6. Your language setting will now be displayed in the iTunes Store where content has been localized.

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