Remote app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can't connect to iTunes or Apple TV

Learn what to do if the Remote app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can't connect to iTunes or your Apple TV.

Review the troubleshooting suggestions listed in this article if:

  • You can't connect the Remote app with iTunes or Apple TV
  • You can't connect through Home Sharing
  • You're having difficulty connecting to an iTunes library or Apple TV to which you've previously connected

Before you proceed with troubleshooting any connectivity issues with Remote, make sure you have the latest version of Remote installed on your iOS device.

Remote updates can be downloaded from the App Store on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Check on other system requirements

Find information about system requirements.

Confirm proper iTunes settings

To connect Remote with iTunes, iTunes must be running on your Mac or PC. Verify that you are using the latest version of iTunes:

  • iTunes for Mac: Choose iTunes > Check for Updates
  • iTunes for Windows: Choose Help > Check for Updates

Check your Home Sharing setup

With Remote 2.0 and later, Remote uses Home Sharing for setup and control with iTunes or Apple TV. For additional information about setting up Remote to control your iTunes library or Apple TV, see About Remote for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

To setup or troubleshoot Home Sharing on Apple TV:

To setup or troubleshoot Home Sharing with iTunes:

Check your Network connections

Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch needs to be on the same home or local network as the Apple TV or iTunes library you are trying to control.

Note: Some Wi-Fi networks configurations offers a Guest Network that can block certain Internet services from working or seeing other devices on your home network.

In addition, make sure that all your devices are connected to the same router, if you have multiple routers. Using multiple routers may prevent discovery between these devices.

Restart your network router

Restart your home network router using the method recommended by its documentation. This may include disconnecting the power cord for 10 seconds or more. Note that any Internet services including a VOiP-based phone will not work until the router restarts.

Update your AirPort Base Stations and Time Capsules

If using an AirPort Base Station or Time Capsule, make sure to have the latest firmware update installed on your base station. Update via the AirPort Utility application. Find details on how to update your Airport Base station or Time Capsule.

Make sure your Firewall settings are not blocking your connection

If you have a firewall enabled on your router or computer, make sure that the firewall is not blocking communication between Remote and your iTunes or Apple TV. Remote uses TCP port 3689 and UDP port 5353 to communicate with your iTunes or Apple TV. To configure your firewall to add these ports:

  • For Mac OS X v10.5 and later, you don't need to edit the port addresses, but make sure the firewall is not set to "Allow only essential services" as described in About the Application Firewall.
  • For Mac OS X v10.4.11 and earlier, please follow these instructions.
  • For Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 Firewall, follow these instructions.
  • For Windows XP Firewall, please follow these instructions.
  • If you use other firewall software or hardware, check the software documentation on how to open these ports.

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See Remote application may not respond while Apple TV is syncing to iTunes as well.

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