Type symbols and accents on Apple TV

Learn how to switch between uppercase or lowercase letters and symbols on your Apple TV. 

About keyboards on Apple TV

On Apple TV, you can use keyboards for uppercase, lowercase, and special characters or symbols. 

  • abc is the lowercase keyboard.
  • ABC is the uppercase keyboard.
  • #+- is the symbol keyboard.
  • 123 is the number keyboard. 
  • Recent shows recently entered email addresses, accounts, search terms, or other queries

The 123 and Recent keyboards appear only when they're available. 

Switch between keyboards

To change keyboards, highlight the keyboard that you want to use, then press the Touch surface or Select. You can also press Play/Pause to switch between keyboards. 

On Apple TV (4th generation), Play/Pause only switches between uppercase and lowercase keyboards.

Type accented or capitalized characters

To use accented, uppercase, or lowercase letters, highlight a letter, then hold down the Touch surface or press Select. A list of available characters will appear. To enter one, highlight it, then press the Touch surface or Select. 

To exit the list of special characters, press Menu.


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