Maps Report an Issue & Privacy

Apple Maps is designed to protect your information and enable you to choose what you share.

  • Maps Report an Issue collects information to help solve reported issues. This information is stored in association with your Apple ID
  • You may submit additional information with your report to help solve the issue more effectively
  • Apple may store the information associated with you for up to two years to better understand reporting trends

When you report an issue, Maps is designed to collect the minimum necessary personal information to assess your report and improve Maps.

Apple collects the following information:

  • your Apple ID, to be able to notify you of a fix to your reported problem
  • the device model, operating system version, region and language, timezone, navigation settings, and whether you are connected to Apple Watch or CarPlay, to better understand Maps’s capability and state at the time of your report
  • a screenshot of the Maps app prior to filing the issue, the latitude and longitude, the zoom level, and the last search term you used, to better understand the context at the time of the reported issue
  • the information you provide in the report, such as suggested new addresses, URLs, opening hours along with comments, and any uploaded photos

In some cases, Apple may also collect:

  • your email address, if you grant the permission to communicate with you to clarify the issue or notify you of a fix
  • the start and endpoints of your direction request, for directions issues
  • your home or work addresses, for home or work location corrections
  • the results from your last search, including the search terms that were used to provide those results, for search related issues
  • the camera positions for imagery issues

When your issue relates to a third-party, Apple may provide the third-party with information from your reported issue to help fix the issue you identified. Apple only shares information with such third-parties when necessary to fix an issue and first seeks to delete any information from which you can be identified.

Apple may store the information you report in a manner that is associated with you for up to two years to better understand reporting trends. At all times, information collected by Apple will be treated in accordance with Apple’s Privacy Policy, which can be found at


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