Websites preferences, where you can customize the way you browse individual websites using Safari.

Block pop-ups for individual websites

Instead of blocking or allowing on all websites, pick and choose the sites where you want to block pop-up windows. Some websites work best if you allow pop-up windows.

How to block pop-ups in Safari

A Safari window with four tabs, each showing the icon and title of a website.

Show website icons in tabs

Make it easier to tell what’s in each tab by including website icons.

How to change tabs preferences in Safari

Passwords preferences, warning that two websites use the same password.

Protect your online accounts with different passwords

If you reuse passwords, and someone knows your password for one website, they might be able to access your accounts on other websites. Safari lets you know if you’re using the same password for different sites.

How to change passwords preferences in Safari

Account signup page, showing an automatically created password and the choice to decline it or use it.

Use strong passwords that are automatically created

When you set up an account or change an existing password, Safari can create a strong password for you. When you need to sign in later, the information is automatically provided.

How to Autofill passwords in Safari

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