iPad USB power adapter certifications

Every iPad comes with an Apple USB power adapter that is certified to meet government safety standards in countries and regions where iPad is available.

Many of these countries and regions, including the United States, have adopted the Safety of Information Technology Equipment standard, IEC/UL 60950-1. Find out about the certifications for iPad USB power adapters.

Depending on the model, iPad comes with a 10W, 12W, 18W or 20W power adapter. All Apple iPad USB power adapters are designed for use with power sources rated to provide 100V AC to 240V AC at 50Hz to 60Hz. Apple iPad USB power adapters also comply with the IEC/UL 60950-1 and IEC/UL 62368-1 standards for use with power sources rated to provide 115V AC at 400Hz. Find more information about iPad USB power adapter compatibility.

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