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About feature support for Keynote presentations in iBooks Author

When you add Keynote presentations to books that you create in iBooks Author, some features work differently.

You can drag and drop a Keynote file into a Keynote widget in iBooks Author.

Transitions and builds

When you import a Keynote for Mac 6.0 or later presentation file, all transitions and builds are supported except the following:

  • Skid

  • Sparkle Transition

  • Shimmer Transition

  • Trace

  • Line Draw

  • 3D chart effects

Unsupported builds and transitions are replaced with Dissolve.

Interactive charts

Interactive charts from Keynote 6.0 or later aren't supported. It's best to leave them out of Keynote files that you plan to use in iBooks Author.

About self-playing and recorded presentations

Self-playing presentations and recorded presentations with voiceover narration might not work as expected. Readers can view and manually advance your presentation, but recorded narration and timings won’t be available.

If you sell books in the Book Store in Apple Books, and choose to use digital rights management (DRM) protection in your book, video and audio included in a Keynote widget will be DRM-protected when readers download your book.

About "Plays on page" and "Plays automatically"

With iBooks Author 2.2 and later, you can play your Keynote presentation directly on the page instead of in full-screen mode. When you select this option, readers can interact with the widgets directly on the page. You can also set presentations to play automatically when the reader turns to that page.

These options are available in the Widget inspector.

Learn more

  • If you want to add media to your book, you don't need to use Keynote. Instead, you can use a Media widget or drag media directly to a page of your book. Learn how to add media files to iBooks Author.

  • If you’re creating a book for a Mac or an iPad with a Retina display, set the slide size in Keynote to 2048 x 1536. If you’re creating a book for iPad without a Retina display, use Keynote’s default slide size of 1024 x 768. Get help optimizing your book for different devices.

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