iBooks Author: Add video to your books

Learn tips about working with video and audio in iBooks Author, supported formats, and notes on video encryption.

To add audio or video to your book as a Media widget, perform one of these actions:

  • Drag video from the Media Browser or Finder into your book.
  • Add a Media widget from the Widgets item in the toolbar, and then drag your media into the widget.

iBooks Author 2.0 and later can import audio or video files that are supported by QuickTime, except for files that already contain DRM encryption. iBooks Author will optimize your media files to meet the requirements for audio and video on the iPad. Files that already meet the iPad audio and video requirements, and are compressed appropriately, will not be re-optimized.

When you use audio and video included in a Keynote widget, iBooks Author treats the audio and video files in the Keynote presentation the same as it would if you were dragging the audio and video files directly to your book or a media widget.

Note: If you have a Paid Books Account and choose to use DRM protection in your book, video and audio included in Media widgets and Keynote widgets will be DRM-protected when your book is made available on the iBooks Store. Video and audio in HTML widgets won't be protected.

You can also include audio and video in HTML widgets. iBooks Author doesn't optimize video or audio files included in HTML widgets like it does for Media and Keynote widgets. You will need to prepare video and audio for HTML widgets manually.

  • For video, you should use files with an .mp4 file extension.
  • For audio, use files with an .m4a file extension.
  • You cannot use media that has .m4v or .m4p file extensions. 
    Note: Video and audio media in HTML widgets are not DRM protected.
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