Share files on your Mac with other devices

These are common ways to share or transfer files from your Mac to another device.

iCloud Drive

When you store files in iCloud Drive, you can share them with Mac computers, iOS devices, and Windows PCs. Learn about iCloud Drive.

External storage device

With an external storage device, such as a hard drive or USB flash drive, you can transfer even large amounts of data from one computer to another. Just drag files to the storage device, then plug it into the other computer and copy them from there.


With AirDrop, you can send files wirelessly between Apple devices that are within about 30 feet (9 meters) of each other. Learn about AirDrop.

Target disk mode

Use target disk mode and the appropriate cable to make one Mac computer work like an external storage device for another connected Mac. Learn about target disk mode.

File Sharing

When you set up File Sharing on a Mac, other computers on the same network can connect to it, and you control which folders to share. Learn about File Sharing.

Email or chat

Use the Mail app to send files as an email attachment. If the attachment is too large to send as a regular attachment, the Mail Drop feature automatically uploads the attachment to iCloud so that the recipient can easily download it.

You also can also use the Messages app to send small files: just drag the file into your message.

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