Use multiple displays with Windows on your Mac Pro (Late 2013)

You can connect multiple displays to the Thunderbolt, Mini DisplayPort, and HDMI connections on your Mac Pro (Late 2013) and then use them when your Mac is started from Microsoft Windows.

Connecting displays to the Mac Pro (Late 2013)

You can connect up to six displays to your Mac Pro (Late 2013) using Thunderbolt, Mini DisplayPort and HDMI. You can use these displays when your Mac is started from OS X, or from Windows 8.1 or later using Boot Camp.

Each display connection is part of a built-in "bus" on your Mac Pro. When you use more than one display with your Mac Pro, some of your displays need to be connected to specific ports. Use the guidelines below to be sure you're connecting your displays properly.

You can connect:

  • Six Apple LED Cinema Displays (27-inch) or third-party displays using Thunderbolt. For best results, attach your displays to different Thunderbolt busses when possible.
  • Three Apple Thunderbolt Displays (27-inch). Connect only one display to each Thunderbolt bus. You can also connect three more LED Cinema Displays (27-inch) or third-party displays – one per Thunderbolt bus – for a total of six displays.
  • Two Apple Thunderbolt Displays (on Thunderbolt bus 1 and 2) and one 4K Ultra HD TV using HDMI.
  • Two 4K displays (on Thunderbolt buses 1 and 2) and one 4K Ultra HD TV on HDMI).

DVI displays

You can connect DVI displays with an appropriate adapter. Use two or fewer DVI displays (or other TMDS signaling devices) with your Mac Pro at the same time. Use only one DVI display if you're also using an HDMI device.

4k displays

You can use the same 4k and Ultra HD TV displays on your Mac Pro in Windows that work with OS X. Some Windows applications might display only half of the screen on a 4K display when using a 60Hz refresh rate. Change the settings on your 4k display using the display's built-in controls to 30Hz to use the entire screen with your applications.

If a display isn't working

If you don't see an image on a connected display, try disconnecting and then reconnecting the Thunderbolt, HDMI, or Mini DisplayPort cable or adapter at the Mac Pro. If you still don't see an image, try reinstalling Boot Camp support software

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