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If you want to update information in our records about your purchase or agreement, we’re here to help.

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Understanding the limitations of Apple's service coverage system ("System") can help avoid problems. The information contained in the System is designed to help customers determine if service for their products is covered under the terms of Apple's limited warranty or an Apple extended service contract, such as the AppleCare Protection Plan and AppleCare+.

For customers whose products are covered by consumer protection laws or regulations in their country, region, or state of purchase, the service coverage described in the System may not reflect all rights and remedies conveyed by such consumer protection laws and regulations. This may include the right of customers in California and other jurisdictions to have the warranty period extended for the number of whole days that the product has been out of the customer's hands for warranty repairs. In order to calculate the number of days that the warranty period is extended, Apple may require customers to submit the original sales receipt of your product and repair service documentation. Please also note that the information in the System does not reflect any other additional programs that may extend Apple's coverage, like those described on the Exchange and Repair Extension Programs page.

The service coverage information described in the System is based on the date of purchase information available to Apple. Depending on when or whether you registered your product, if you purchased it from an Apple authorized reseller or Apple Store, the estimated purchase date may be incorrect. If you believe that the information is inaccurate, please update the information by contacting Apple using the appropriate link on this page. Recently submitted information and repair service warranty coverage may not be reflected in the System records. Customers may not use the System for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited, or to solicit the performance of any illegal activity or other activity that infringes the rights of Apple or others.

Consumer law

Apple 1 year limited warranty1, AppleCare Protection Plan, and AppleCare+ benefits are in addition to rights provided by consumer law. For details click here.

If you think you have a valid consumer law claim, please contact us.

Keep your sales receipt and proof of coverage in a safe place

Please put your product's sales receipt, and if applicable, AppleCare Proof of Coverage document in a safe place. You may be asked to provide a copy of these if there is any question as to your product's eligibility for service coverage under the warranty or AppleCare service contract. When seeking service, Apple may request that you submit the original sales receipt of your product to verify eligibility for warranty service, even if you have already registered your product. Your warranty is the same whether or not you register.

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If your coverage expiration date is incorrect

If the estimated expiration date of your Telephone Technical Support, Limited Warranty, or AppleCare agreement for your serial number is incorrect, please contact us. You will need to send the original sales receipt of your product to Apple so that we can update your purchase date. A sales receipt with the receipt number, product description, original date of purchase, price, and reseller details constitutes a valid proof of purchase.

To update your purchase date, send Apple your proof of purchase

If your AppleCare agreement is missing

If you purchased an AppleCare agreement, such as the AppleCare Protection Plan, and it does not appear in your results, you may need to register your AppleCare agreement.

Register your AppleCare agreement

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Not all AppleCare plans are available in all countries or regions.

Learn more about your service options

Apple provides different options when products need service, including carry-in, mail-in, and do-it-yourself parts service. Availability depends on the product and the country or region in which service is requested.

  • You can go directly to our Check Coverage page. Enter your serial number to see the available service options.

  • Find manuals, downloads, troubleshooting advice, and more at Apple Support.

1. In Türkiye, your device is covered by Apple's limited warranty for two years.

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