iPhone User Guide

Everything you need to know about iPhone

The Lock screen with a bar at the bottom to indicate that you can swipe up from the bottom edge.

Say hello to the future

Get to know iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. Learn intuitive gestures, use your face as your password, and see what’s possible with the amazing TrueDepth camera.

Meet the next generation of iPhone

The Camera screen in Photo mode, with other modes to the left and right below the viewer. Buttons for Flash, Live Photo, Timer, and Filters appear at the top of the screen. An image thumbnail at the lower left gives access to view existing photos and videos. The Shutter button is at the bottom center, and the Switch Camera button is in the lower right.

Shoot like a pro

Use your iPhone camera to create stunning, professional-looking photos and easily edit and share them with your friends and family.

Learn how to take your best shot

A Screen Time weekly report, showing the amount of time spent on apps total, by category, and by app.

Stay informed with Screen Time

Screen Time lets you know how much time you spend using apps, websites, and more. Use Screen Time to make decisions about how you use your iPhone, and set limits if you’d like to.

Manage how you spend time on iPhone

The Health Data screen of the Health app showing a chart for total daily steps. At the top of the chart are buttons to show steps taken over the day, week, month, or year.

Start healthy habits

Use iPhone to stay active during the day and get better sleep at night.

Reach your health and wellness goals with iPhone

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If you need more help, visit the iPhone Support website.

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