How to send your Powerbeats Pro earbuds to Apple for repair in the United States and Canada

We’re sorry your Powerbeats Pro earbuds aren’t working as they should.

After you’ve contacted Apple for service, you’ll receive a kit that contains everything you need to return your Powerbeats Pro earbuds to Apple.

Pack your Powerbeats Pro earbuds using the included packaging materials

  1. Put each of your Powerbeats Pro earbuds into a separate small plastic bag and fold down the flaps to seal the bags. Don't include any accessories with your earbuds (such as your eartips or charging cable). If you include extra items in the box, we won't be able to return them to you.
  2. Place each of your bagged earbuds into one of the smaller holes in the plastic insert.
  3. Place your charging case in the large plastic bag and fold down the flap to seal it.
  4. Place your bagged charging case into the large hole in the plastic insert.
  5. Peel off the protective tape and place it on the box as shown.
  6. Place the battery sticker on the bottom of the brown box.  Do not cover it with the tape or wrap it around the side of the box.

Ship your Powerbeats Pro earbuds to Apple

  1. Find the name of the courier on the return shipping label.
  2. Visit the courier’s website to schedule a pickup or find a drop-off location.*
  3. Get a receipt from the courrier.
  4. Check the status of your service request.

*Apple is not responsible for any damage during shipping if the package is not properly sealed or is delivered to the courier in poor condition.

Use your repaired or replaced Powerbeats Pro earbuds

Set up your replacement Powerbeats Pro earbuds

  1. Put both Powerbeats Pro earbuds in your charging case. Keep the lid open.
  2. Check the LED status light on the front edge of the case. It should flash red.
  3. Press and hold the system button on the inside of the case for 5 seconds. The status light should flash white. If it still flashes red, connect the case to power, close the lid, and wait 20 minutes.
  4. Pair your Powerbeats Pro with your device.

Pair with iPhone

  1. With your earbuds still inside and the case still open, hold the Powerbeats Pro next to your unlocked iPhone. A setup animation appears on your iPhone.
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Pair with another device

  1. Make sure that you enabled Bluetooth on your device.
  2. With your earbuds still inside and the case still open, press and hold the system button on your Powerbeats Pro until the LED blinks.
  3. Open the Bluetooth menu on your device. For example, on your Mac, choose Apple () menu > System Preferences, then click Bluetooth.
  4. In the list of discovered Bluetooth devices, tap or click your Powerbeats Pro.

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Notice to California Consumers

1. An estimate as required (section 9844 of the California Business and Professions Code) for repairs shall be given to the customer by the service dealer in writing, and the service dealer may not charge for work done or parts supplied in excess of the estimate without prior consent of the customer. Where provided in writing, the service dealer may charge a reasonable fee for services provided in determining the nature of the malfunction in preparation of a written estimate for repair. For information, contact the Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair, Department of Consumer Affairs, Sacramento, CA 95814. 

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