If your computer doesn’t recognise your iPhone or iPad

When your device is turned on and connected to your computer, it should appear in the Finder, in iTunes or in the Apple Devices app. If you don't see it, follow these steps.

Look in the Finder, in iTunes or in the Apple Devices app

On a Mac with macOS Catalina or later, look for your device in the sidebar of any window in the Finder.*

On a Mac with an earlier version of macOS, look for your device in iTunes.

On a PC, look for your device in iTunes or in the Apple Devices app.

Find out more about viewing your device in the Finder or iTunes or in the Apple Devices app.

Check whether your device charges

Your device should chime or vibrate when you connect it to your computer, but debris can build up in the charging port at the bottom of your iPhone or iPad and make it difficult to connect. If your iPhone or iPad does not charge when connected to your computer, connect your device directly without a hub or adapter if possible. If that doesn’t work, try another USB port, another cable or another computer.

Update the software on all of your devices

Update your iPhone or iPad

Update your Mac

Update your Windows PC

On your PC you may also need to update iTunes, update Apple Devices, and update drivers.

Restart your devices

Restart your iPhone

Restart your iPad

Restart your Mac

Restart your Windows PC

Allow your device to connect in Windows or macOS

When you connect your device to a Windows PC, Device Manager can confirm whether your computer is connected to your iPhone or iPad and update your driver if needed.

When you connect your device to a Mac laptop computer with Apple silicon, your Mac may ask whether you want to allow this accessory to connect. If so, allow it to connect.

Find out about allowing accessories to connect

Trust your computer, if asked

If you see a "Trust this Computer?" alert on your device when you plug it into your computer, tap Trust. If you don’t see the alert or you tapped incorrectly and the computer and iPhone or iPad may not trust one another, reset your Location & Privacy settings.

About the “Trust This Computer" alert

Check for software conflicts

Some third-party software may affect whether your iPhone or iPad can connect with your computer.

On a Mac, check your VPN or third-party security software for connectivity issues

On a PC, resolve issues between Apple software for Windows and third-party security software

Contact us

If your computer still doesn’t recognise your iPhone or iPad, contact Apple Support.

* This feature depends on a setting: From the menu bar in the Finder, choose Finder > Settings (or Preferences). Click Sidebar at the top of the settings window, then make sure "CDs, DVDs and iOS Devices" is selected. If you can’t see a sidebar in Finder windows, choose View > Show Sidebar from the menu bar or press Control-Command-S.

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