Use your pay TV or cable provider with Apple TV

Watch live channels, on-demand programming and access additional features on your Apple TV. And, if you get an Apple TV directly from your provider, you can access content straight out of the box in just a few easy steps.

Sign in to an existing Apple TV with your pay TV or cable provider account

  1. Make sure you have an Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD and the latest version of tvOS.

  2. On your Apple TV, go to Settings.

  3. Choose Users and Accounts, then choose TV Provider.

  4. Select Sign In.

  5. Enter the name of your TV provider or select it from the list. You can also scroll down to choose a TV provider from a different country or region.

  6. Enter the email address and password you use for your TV provider account,* then select Continue to sign in.

Signing in with your TV provider allows you to access apps using your provider, so you won’t have to sign in to every channel’s app.

If your Apple TV is connected to your TV provider’s internet service, they may sign you in automatically to access their content.

Your provider may also offer an app in the App Store with extra features, such as on-demand and live television. You may be prompted to install the app when you sign in; otherwise, you may have to download it separately. The app may also be available for your iPhone or iPad.

*If you don’t know your account email address or password, contact your TV provider.

Set up an Apple TV from your pay TV or cable provider

If you’ve received an Apple TV from your pay TV or cable provider, then your Apple TV may sign in to your provider account automatically – straight out of the box. Here’s what you need to do to get started:

  1. Set up your Apple TV at home.

  2. During the setup process, you may need to connect your Apple TV to your cable provider’s internet service to sign in automatically. Contact your provider for more information. If you haven’t been signed in automatically, you’ll be prompted to select your provider and sign in to your provider account. This will allow you to access your subscription content on Apple TV.

  3. Sign in to your Apple TV with your Apple ID. Find out how to create a new Apple ID or find out what to do if you see “No iTunes Store account” on your Apple TV.

After you’ve set up your Apple TV, you can find your TV provider’s app on the home screen. You may need to download the app from the App Store. You can also watch content from your provider in the Apple TV app.

Store availability and features may vary by country or region. See what you can buy in your country or region.

Enjoy your Apple TV

There’s even more you can do with your Apple TV.


Find all of your favourites in the Apple TV app

Watch your favourite TV programmes and films, browse your TV provider’s content, tune in to a live match or discover something new – all in one place.


Just ask and Siri delivers

Siri takes the work out of watching TV, finding apps and more. Just ask for films, TV programmes or apps, and Siri will find them for you.


Download games and apps

Use the App Store to find apps to turn your living room into a fitness studio, let you shop from your sofa and get games you’ll love.


Stream to your TV

Use AirPlay to stream videos, photos, presentations or the entire screen of your iOS device or Mac to your Apple TV.

Get help

  • If you need help signing in with your pay TV or cable provider or using their app, contact your provider. You may be able to find their contact information in the App Store.

  • To get help with your Apple TV, visit Apple Support.

  • If your cable provider also offers internet service, you may need to connect to your home internet network to access some of your subscription content. Your content may not be available on other networks.

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