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Welcome to Reminders

Use your Mac to keep track of everything you have to do, get, or see.

A Reminders window with multiple reminder lists such as Groceries, Camping trip, and Books in the On My Mac section.
The Reminders Add Account sheet.

Multiple accounts, one to-do list

Manage all your to-do lists in Reminders, even if they’re in different accounts like iCloud, Exchange, Yahoo, or AOL. Just choose Reminders > Add Account.

The info window for a reminder list, showing the list is shared with one person.

Coordinate with family, friends, and colleagues

Want some help planning your next event? Share your reminder list with others who have accounts with the same provider, and watch the tasks get crossed off. Point to the list you want to share, then click the Share List button.

The Info window for a reminder, set up to send a notification alert at a location.

Never forget a to-do again

Need a reminder for your reminders? Just set a notification to receive an alert when a reminder is due. Hold the pointer to the right of the reminder, then click the Info button.

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