The window for adding internet accounts to the Contacts app.

Gather contacts from all your accounts

If you keep contacts in other internet accounts—such as iCloud, Google, or Yahoo—you can access all of them in Contacts.

How to add contacts from other internet accounts

The window for adding a Smart List, with a list named Book Club that includes contacts who have the word “book” in their Note field.

Create lists automatically

Create a Smart List by identifying something that some of your contacts have in common. For example, you could create a Smart List called Book Club that includes any contact with “book” in the Note field of their card.

How to create Smart Lists

The Contacts window with the Map button next to the street address.

Show it on a map

Want to see where one of your contacts lives? You can open a map right from the Contacts app.

How to show a contact’s address on a map

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