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Use passkeys

Passkeys replace passwords for an easier and more secure way to sign in to your accounts. And you can find them directly on your device.

Shared Tab Groups

Whether you’re planning a trip with friends or making a purchase with family, you can share tabs in Safari so everyone’s on the same page. Find out about Shared Tab Groups for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Customise your start page

Choose a background image and other options such as Favourites, Siri Suggestions, iCloud Tabs and Reading List.

Add extensions

Safari extensions add functionality and are a great way to personalise and enhance your browsing experience.

Privacy Report

See a list of known trackers who’ve been blocked from tracking you across all of the websites you’ve visited.

AutoFill passwords

Use the AutoFill feature to easily fill in saved user names and passwords, and suggest strong passwords when you sign up for websites.

Import bookmarks

You can import your bookmarks, history and saved passwords from Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and pick up straight where you left off.

Increase your online security

Find out how to identify and avoid phishing and other scams, and how to get a warning if the site you’re visiting is a suspected phishing website.


User Guide

Find out about features and discover all that Safari can do.

Set up iCloud

Select and set up the iCloud features you want to use such as Photos, Contacts, Calendars and more.

Apple Communities

Find answers, ask questions and connect with other Apple users.

Get Support

We can help you find the best support options.

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