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Independent Repair Provider Programme

The Independent Repair Provider programme is designed for companies interested in offering an out-of-warranty repair service for iPhone and Mac. Qualifying companies can gain access to genuine Apple parts, tools, training, service guides, diagnostics and resources to perform a variety of out-of-warranty repairs for iPhone and Mac, such as iPhone display and battery replacements, and Mac logic board and video card replacements. Certain Apple display repairs may also be performed.

Who can apply?

Companies interested in offering out-of-warranty iPhone or Mac repairs directly to end users can apply. Apple will not consider applicants that use Apple trademark terms as part of any company name or web page unless such use complies with the Apple Trademark Terms.

Parts resellers and distributors are not eligible for this programme. Companies that are authorised or approved by Apple to use the Apple Logo and Apple trademarks, such as Authorised Apple Resellers or Apple Consultants, are not eligible for the Independent Repair Provider programme but may apply to the Apple Authorised Service Provider programme.

What are the requirements?

Business and operational requirements

Companies applying are required to be an established business with business verification documents available for review by Apple. Apple’s repair tools, training, service guides and diagnostics must be kept confidential. All email addresses for the application request and account users must have the domain name of the repair business. Generic domain names like or are not acceptable.


Eligible companies must maintain a commercial walk-in service location in an easily accessible location, or, for companies intending to perform repairs at customer locations, a commercial business location for parts delivery and receiving. A residential address is not acceptable as a service location.

Technician Certification

Participating service companies using genuine Apple parts are required to have Apple-certified technicians performing the repairs.

Becoming certified to repair Apple products requires passing exams through an online Authorised Testing Centre. Certifications are updated on a per-product basis annually. The certification exam fees are waived for businesses that have been approved to be an Independent Repair Provider.

Detailed information about Apple Certifications preparatory courses and exams can be found here.

To Apply

We are currently accepting applications from businesses in Great Britain. Please submit an email with a completed Independent Repair Provider Notification of Interest form to You will be asked to provide relevant information about your business so that Apple can determine whether your organisation is eligible for the Independent Repair Provider programme.


  • Apple will not consider applications that do not meet the programme requirements.
  • Meeting programme requirements does not guarantee acceptance onto the programme.
  • Apple reserves the right to reject any application without comment.
  • Apple will not consider applicants that use Apple trademark terms as part of any company name or web page unless such use complies with the Apple Trademark Terms.

Access to parts and repair instructions for Apple display internal power supply and USB-C repairs are available through this programme.

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