A sample Handout details view — Field Trip Tomorrow! — for a Science class showing detailed progress data for the selected activity, including time and score information. Overall Progress indicates you have completed 33% of the Handout with two activities left to complete.

View your progress

Use your class view and Handout details view to see how you are doing overall in your class and with each Handout activity.

View your progress in Schoolwork

A sample of a student’s collaborative file — Hilma Goodwin- Probability Lab — ready to submit to Schoolwork from the iWork Numbers app.

Submit your work

You can submit your work from the Schoolwork app or an iWork app, or use the Share button in the app where you did your work.

Submit and replace work in Schoolwork

A sample class view — Maths — showing four Handouts in the Due view: two in Due Today and two in Due Next. In addition to the Recents view, the Schoolwork sidebar contains four classes (Literature, Maths, Science and Technology).

Quickly see what is due next

Use the Schoolwork sidebar to see your classes, then use the Recents view or class views to see Handouts due today and in the coming week.

View Handouts in Schoolwork

To browse the Schoolwork User Guide, tap Table of Contents at the top of the page.

If you need more help, visit the Education Support website.

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