Use widgets in Notification Centre

macOS Big Sur introduces beautiful new and redesigned widgets for Notification Centre. And they come in different sizes, so you can pick the one that works best for you.

How to view your widgets

To see your widgets in macOS Big Sur, open Notification Centre:

  • Click the date or time in the menu bar.
  • Or swipe left with two fingers from the right-hand edge of your trackpad.

Notification Centre shows displays notifications at the top, followed by widgets.

Notification Centre in macOS Big Sur


How to add or remove widgets

Scroll to the bottom of Notification Centre, then click Edit Widgets.

Add widgets to Notification Centre

In the Edit Widgets view, click the add button  in the corner of any widget. If the widget is available in different sizes, click the small , medium  or large  button before adding the widget. Click Done when you've finished.

The Edit Widgets view in Notification Centre

Remove widgets from Notification Centre

In the Edit Widgets view, click the remove button  in the corner of the widget. Then click Done.

Reorder widgets in Notification Centre

From the widgets section of Notification Centre, drag any widget to change its position. You don't need to be in the Edit Widgets view to reorder widgets.


How to find more widgets

Some apps include widgets and installing the app will also install the widget. To find more apps that include widgets, search the App Store for "Notification Centre widget".

Installed widgets will automatically appear in the Edit Widgets view of Notification Centre. You can filter widgets by category or use the search field in the top left-hand corner.

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