How to deactivate your Apple ID account

As part of putting you in control of your data and privacy, Apple gives you the ability to temporarily deactivate your Apple ID account at any time and for any reason. Access to this feature may vary by country or region.

This article provides information and answers to common questions about temporarily deactivating your Apple ID account. Make sure you read this entire page to understand what happens when your Apple ID is deactivated.

About deactivating your Apple ID

The ability to deactivate your account gives you more control over the personal data that you store with Apple. It’s a way to temporarily suspend access to your account, without taking the step of permanently deleting it. 

When you deactivate your Apple ID account, we keep your account and data intact, but you can't sign in to your account or use it. While your account is deactivated, you can't access data that you stored with Apple services that use your Apple ID, such as iCloud, iTunes, Apple Books, the App Store, Apple Pay, iMessage, FaceTime and Find My iPhone. Apple stops processing or accessing your data, except where we are under an obligation to use it for another lawful purpose such as financial returns or other legal procedures. We may use your contact information to communicate with you about your request.

Before you request deactivation of your Apple ID

We recommend that you take a few steps before you request deactivation of your Apple ID.

  • Back up the data that you store in iCloud – including content for any Apple or third-party apps that store data using iCloud – to a place that doesn’t use your Apple ID for access.
  • Download any DRM-free purchases, iTunes Match tracks that you don’t have copies of, and any other music and media.
  • Review any active subscriptions. Subscriptions are not renewed while your account is inactive.
  • Save copies of any Apple-related information that you currently need or expect to need.
  • Make sure that you sign out of all your devices to avoid issues with apps that use your Apple ID account or iCloud. After your account is deactivated, you can't sign out of iCloud or turn off Find My iPhone Activation Lock on your devices. If you forget to sign out, you may not be able to use your device while your account is deactivated.

How to temporarily deactivate your Apple ID

Sign in to your Apple ID account page on a Mac, PC, iPhone or iPad. Then scroll down to Data and Privacy, and select 'Manage your Data and Privacy'. On the following page, select 'Get started' under 'Deactivate your account'. If you don’t see this option, it means that this feature is not available in your country or region. 

When you request to deactivate your account, you receive a unique alphanumeric access code. Make sure that you keep this access code in a safe place – you must have it to reactivate your account. 

After we verify that you are the account holder making the request, we deactivate your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive iCloud email or messages while my account is deactivated?

No. You won't receive new messages while your account is deactivated. Messages sent to you via iCloud (Mail and iMessage) won't be delivered.

What happens to music, films, TV shows, books and apps that I purchased with my account?

If you purchased items from the iTunes Store, App Store, Mac App Store or Apple Books with this Apple ID, you can't use these services while your account is deactivated. Such services include, but are not limited to:

  • Updating purchased apps
  • Downloading previously purchased items
  • Syncing DRM-protected purchased items to iOS devices
  • Copying DRM-protected purchased items from one computer to another
  • Playing rented items
  • Authorising computers to play DRM-Protected purchased items
  • Accessing iTunes Match, if you are subscribed
  • Accessing iTunes Season Passes

Content without Digital Rights Management (DRM), such as iTunes music purchases, continues working normally while your account is deactivated. However, any DRM-free content stored in iCloud Music Library isn't accessible or able to be played.

Any content with DRM protection that you have purchased – such as apps, films or TV shows – may stop working or stop updating while your account is deactivated, depending on the content type.

What happens to my subscriptions?

Any subscriptions that you have for services such as Apple Music, iCloud storage, or third-party services to which you have subscribed using your Apple ID or that are linked to your Apple ID are cancelled at the end of the billing cycle when you deactivate your account.

I subscribed to Apple Music through my wireless carrier. What happens to my subscription?

If you subscribed to Apple Music through an operator and linked your account to the Apple ID you are deactivating, you can still stream music but you lose access to other Apple Music features like iCloud Music Library.

I am a family organiser. How does deactivating my account affect my family members?

If you are the organiser of a Family Sharing group and you deactivate your Apple ID, your family stops sharing items such as Apple Music, iCloud Storage and purchases. In addition, any child accounts in your family are deactivated with your account.

Will I still receive the purchases that I made online at

Yes. Active online orders are processed normally while your account is deactivated.

Will product repairs that I have in progress continue after my account is deactivated?

Yes. Deactivating your Apple ID does not cancel repairs that you already have in progress. 

Apple Support is helping me with something at the moment. Can I still get help when my account is deactivated?

Apple Support can help you after your account is deactivated. However, you can't access any cases in progress while your account is inactive.

Can I still use my AppleCare plan to service my device?

Yes. If your device is covered by an AppleCare plan, you can still use it to get service while your account is deactivated.

Are my upcoming appointments at the Apple Store still on the schedule after my account is deactivated?

No. Appointments or reservations that you scheduled at the Apple Store are cancelled when your account is deactivated.

I am enrolled in the iPhone Upgrade Programme. Do I still have to make payments while my account is deactivated?

Yes. If you are enrolled in the iPhone Upgrade Programme, you must continue making payments for your device. However, you may not be able to place subsequent upgrade orders online without your related Apple ID.

I distribute apps and other content on Apple platforms. What happens to my store content when my Apple ID is deactivated?

When your account is deactivated, you lose access to your store content through App Store Connect and iTunes Connect. If your account is the legal "Account Holder", you will not be able to accept or renew contracts, and your content may lapse and be removed from the store unless you assign a new legal user to your content before you request deactivation. Learn more about managing your developer account

How do I opt out of direct marketing?

We make it easy to opt out of any direct marketing from Apple. Click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any marketing email to quickly opt out. You can also manage your communication preferences from your Apple ID account page.

Can I reactivate my account?

Yes. If you request account deactivation, you'll receive a unique alphanumeric access code. When you're ready to reactivate your Apple ID, contact Apple Support, provide your access code and we’ll help you reactivate your account. If you lose this code, we won't be able to help reactivate your account. 

Can I contact Apple about how my data is managed?

Yes. If you have questions or feedback about our Privacy Policy or other topics, contact us.


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