If you changed the date to May 1970 or earlier and can’t restart your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

In iOS 9.2.1 or earlier, manually changing the date to May 1970 or earlier can prevent your iOS device from turning on after a restart. 

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

We fixed this issue in iOS 9.3, so follow these steps to update your device:

  1. Connect your device to your computer with a USB cable.
  2. Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons until you see a Connect to iTunes screen on your device.
  3. Open iTunes and select your device.
  4. When you see the option in iTunes to Restore or Update, click Update. Then wait while iTunes reinstalls iOS and restores your device without erasing your data. 
  5. When your device starts, tap Settings > General > Date & Time. Make sure that Set Automatically is turned on. 
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