A web browser window showing the Health Records registration website. The title in the top left reads “Widell Outpatient FHIR API Profile.” Listed in a column on the left are display options that show a logo with brand name only and the brand name above the location name. At the right, an image of the top portion of an iPhone is labeled “Search Result Preview.” The iPhone shows the phrase “Widell Medical” in the search field, and below it appears a logo and the name “Widell Medical.”

Register your organization

Enable your patients to download and view their health records by enrolling in Health Records.

Prepare to register for Health Records

A web browser window showing the Apple Health app data. The patient data includes heart and ECG notifications, exercise minutes, calories burned, and stand hours.

Participate in Health app data Share with Provider

After your organization registers in Health Records, return to the registration website to let your patients securely share their Health app data with providers in your organization (U.S. only).

Prerequisites for Health app data Share with Provider

A screen in the Health app showing the text “Widell” in the Search field. Below the search field are search results for Widell Medical in four different locations, including “Widell Hospital San Francisco Center” and “Widell Clinic.”

Maintain your registration information

Use Apple Business Register to update your organization’s location names, contact information, brand information, and more.

Keep your information up to date

This guide is written for healthcare organizations, including hospitals, physician practices, medical laboratories, and pharmacies in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. To explore this guide, click Table of Contents at the top of the page, or enter a word or phrase in the search field.

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