A sample iTunes U Courses view displaying three new courses — College Admission 101, Introduction to Algebra, Music History 101 — Added to the Public Site Manager site. The view also displays the Live State and Pending State for each course and the Add a Course link to add new courses.

Add courses to your public site

Add the courses you want to make available to users worldwide to your Public Site Manager site.

Add a course

The pre-configured provider page allows users to view lists of the most popular content, most popular downloads, and categorized content. Refer to the Availability Guide icons to determine which provider page interface elements are available for iTunes, iPad, and iPhone. The Layout Guide uses blue highlighting to indicate where the provider page interface elements appear within iTunes, iPad, and iPhone provider pages.

Design and preview your institution’s provider page

Configure elements in your provider page (for example, provider page image and feature boxes) to control how your content is displayed to users.

Customize your provider page

Featured courses in All Categories in the iTunes U app.

Publish your public site

Publish your Public Site Manager site to make your courses and content available to users worldwide in the iTunes U catalog.

Publish your site

A sample Timeline Reports view displaying daily (Visitors, Subscriptions, Streams, Downloads chart) and weekly and monthly (Totals tables) reporting charts and tables for your site visitors, subscriptions, streams, and downloads.

Monitor site usage

Use the data provided in the report views to monitor site usage and help you determine what content is most popular.

About Public Site Manager reports

To browse the Public Site Manager User Guide, click Table of Contents at the top of the page.

If you need more help, visit the Education Support website.

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