Welcome to Font Book

Install, manage, and preview fonts on your Mac.

The Font Book window showing a list of fonts with one sample being previewed.
The Font Book window showing a newly installed font.

Liven up your text

Downloaded a great new font from the web? Install it using Font Book, so you can use it in all your apps. Just click the Add button in the Font Book toolbar.

The Font Book window showing the Modern collection of fonts.

Access the fonts you use most

Organize fonts into collections and libraries to quickly access those fonts you use all the time. To start, click the Add button below the list of collections.

The Font Book window showing the Apple Color Emoji font.

Select that perfect font

Not sure what a certain font looks like? View the font in Font Book to see a sample of the characters. Change the preview as needed by clicking the Sample button,the Repertoire button,the Custom button, or the Information button.