How to edit images and mark up PDFs with Preview on your Mac

Learn how to mark up and sign PDFs, edit images, and more.

Preview for Mac


Mark up PDFs

You can add text and comments to PDFs, sign documents, highlight text, and more.

Add text

  1. In most PDFs, you can click a text field, then type.
  2. If you can't add text to an existing text field, add a text box. Choose Tools > Annotate > Text, then type. You can move a text box anywhere on the document.
  3. To show the font, size, and color options for text in a text box, choose View > Show Markup Toolbar, then click Text style.

Highlight text

  1. To turn highlight mode on or off, click Highlight mode button. When highlight mode is on, this highlight button is selected.
  2. To change the color or switch to strikethrough or underline, click down caret next to Highlight mode button, then choose an option.
  3. When highlight mode is on, highlights appear anytime you select text. 
  4. To remove a highlight, Control-click the text, then choose Remove Highlight.

Add notes

  1. Choose Tools > Annotate > Note.
  2. To open the note, click the note box, then type.
  3. To close the note, click outside the note box. You can move notes anywhere on the document.
  4. To see all notes and highlights, choose View > Highlights and Notes. 

Add your signature

  1. Click Markup toolbar button, then click Signatures button.
  2. Click Create Signature, then choose one of these options:
    • If you have a trackpad, sign your name with your finger. If you have a Force Touch trackpad, you can press harder on the trackpad to sign with a darker line. After you sign your name, press any key on the keyboard.
    • If you have a built-in camera, sign your name on a piece of paper, then hold it up to the camera.
  3. Click Done.
  4. Choose your signature to add it to the document. You can move and resize it anywhere on the document.
    Sample PDF with markups added

Edit images

  • Crop: Drag to select the crop area, then choose Tools > Crop.
  • Rotate: Choose Tools > Rotate Left or Rotate Right.
  • Adjust color: Choose Tools > Adjust Color, then drag a slider to make an adjustment.
  • Adjust size: Choose Tools > Adjust Size, enter the desired dimensions, then click OK.
  • Get quick access to edit controls: Click Markup toolbar button.
    Edit photos in Preview

Share and export

  • To share your file, choose File > Share, then choose an option.
  • To save your document or image in a different format, choose File > Export, choose a format, then click Save.

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